11 Struggles Only Girls Who Share Their Birthday With A Holiday Understand


Your birthday is the one day a year when everything revolves around you. You get to chose the day’s activities and chill with all your favorite people and get awesome surprises just for you… That is, unless you share your birthday with a holiday. These are all the struggles that come with being born on a holiday.

1. Everyone forgets your birthday. There’s so much going on during the holidays, and everyone’s so busy baking, decorating, shopping, and traveling that sometimes your special day gets lost in the holiday craze. And since you’re usually off from school, your friends and classmates don’t always remember either.

2. You never get to do what you want to do. Holidays come with endless family obligations, which means you end up spending the entire day with your extended family. Of course you totally love the fam, but spending what’s supposed to be your day listening to your Uncle Bob’s dumb jokes was not what you had in mind as the perfect b-day experience.

3. All your friends are busy hanging with their families. Even if your parents would let you off the hook to hang with friends on a holiday, all your friends have to spend the holiday with their families so hanging out with your besties on your birthday just isn’t an option.

4. You have to share the spotlight. Your birthday is supposed to be all about you, but you’re upstaged every year by Santa, turkey, the New Year, or whatever holiday you had the misfortune of being born on.

5. No surprise parties for you. Sharing your birthday with a holiday pretty much guarantees that you’ll never have a birthday party on the actual day of your birthday. And you can forget ever having a surprise party. Everyone is too busy planning holiday surprises to also plan an elaborate surprise party for little old you.

6. Annoying holiday theme parties. Even if you share your birthday with a smaller holiday like St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween, and your friends and fam actually have time to plan a party for you, it’s always all about said holiday. Their intentions are good, but you wish you didn’t have to wear a costume to you birthday party every year.

7. No birthday cake. Being born on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas means that everyone will be baking pies, cookies, and other yummy treats already, which means there’s no point in making a separate birthday cake for you, too.

8. Everyone gets gifts on your birthday. Is it selfish to want just one day where you get to open awesome presents while everyone watches in awe? Well, sharing your birthday with Christmas pretty much guarantees you never have to worry about giving anyone gift envy on your birthday.

9. Double duty gifts. If you’re born on a holiday that includes presents, like Christmas, people will often give you one present for your birthday and the holiday to save time and money. You get it, but at the same time, you totally don’t.

10. Everyone wraps your gifts in holiday paper. You appreciate the gifts and all, but when your pressies are all wrapped in the same paper as your siblings’s, they don’t exactly feel like ~special~ birthday gifts and just make you feel like an afterthought. As if you didn’t feel like one already.

11. You have to wait all year for your gifts. Most people have two chances to get gifts every year, but if you share your birthday with Christmas or Hannukah, not only do you have to wait an entire year to get your gifts, but you also have to make sure your wish list is on point because you only have one chance to get the perfect pressies!