An actress in the Games of Thrones series works as an escort in everyday life


Reality often beats the movie. An example is the one discovered by the British journalists at The Mirror, who revealed that one of the episodic actresses in the famous Games of Thrones (Best Emmy Award in 2015 and 2016) is in her spare time escort.

Sahara Knite (42), real name Saeeda Vorajee, appeared in the first two seasons of Games of Thrones, playing character Armeca – a prostitute of the Lord Petyr Baelish brothel in King’s Landing. The actress shot a sex scene between women, instructed in the art of seduction by another brothel prostitute, and a provocative scene with the character Bronn, played by actor Jerome Flynn.

According to British journalists, the Armeca character is not just a simple escort, but also the “first Muslim porno actress in England”. Her family would find out what happened after one of her girlfriends found her on an adult site. Sahara Knite was destitute of the family and received countless death threats since she entered the pornography industry in 2004. Sahara grew up in a Muslim family in India, working for 11 years in the textile and clothing industry before changing career.

With her own website, the actress presents detailed rates for various services she offers in Kent and London. Also, on the personal website, the actress emphasizes that it is not about prostitution, the rates only include adult services, modeling and escorts, and what might happen further is only the personal choice of the two people, at the legal age.

The escort is no longer a novelty for the Romans. According to the information published by a Romanian specialized platform, the segment dedicated to escort ads is the most important part, with more than 20,000 active reviews simultaneously, a website example can be Escorts in Amsterdam