Be happy, call Bliss for your estate planning and probate needs!


There may come a time when you are physically challenged or cannot make decisions. You have to prepare for that. You will need help at that point. What if you did not make a will or a living trust or an estate plan? In that case, you and your heirs will face a lot of problems. If you wish to stay out of trouble and have a secure future, be happy, call Bliss for your estate planning and probate needs! Have an estate plan today to address the future needs. Many people think that estate planning is a one-time event, it is not. It is a long process which your lawyer will carry out under the law to secure the future needs. The process involves your assets and other people. The purpose of the estate planning is to plan for your assets and property in case you are not able to care for yourself. It may also involve other organizations, charities, etc. it depends on your choice who you choose. If you think that it is the process in which you will write a will, then you are wrong. The benefit of this process is that you can also address issues like income tax, gifts, business, insurance, etc. It is why you need legal help in the form of a lawyer.

What does estate planning involve?

An estate planning may cover several things such as these.

  • Calculating the value of your assets
  • To whom you want to give the assets? You can also decide the time to give the assets to a particular person. You can name more than one person.
  • You can mention the person who will manage your assets, in case you become unable to do so.
  • It also includes mentioning the person who will take care of your children
  • At last, it includes what will happen to your assets if you die.

The first step is to answer these questions. Take your time and make your mind. You must choose everything and plan everything carefully. Once you have planned what to do, it is time to call the lawyer. Only an estate planning attorney will help you deal with all your needs.

Why do you need estate planning?

You might ask why you need estate planning. The answer is simple, to secure the future. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. If you are scared that some other person may take over after you die or become unable to make decisions, it is the time that you took the necessary steps now. Write a will, a living trust or go with an estate planning before it is too late. Living in Temecula, California you won’t have a problem finding a lawyer. Be happy, call Bliss for your estate planning and probate needs! Steve F. Bliss is an expert attorney at law. He is one of the best estate planners you will find in Temecula.

Benefits of hiring a lawyer

There are several benefits of hiring an estate planning lawyer. He will help you solve all your needs. He will make sure that you carry out the process according to the laws of the State. He will make sure that you make the correct decision. He will help you choose the best person to take care after you are gone. He will carry out the entire estate planning process himself. He will only call you to take part in the process if necessary. A good lawyer will always assist you in every legal matter. Once you prepare a plan according to the law, no one will challenge it in the future. It is, therefore, necessary to go for an estate planning after proper planning. Keep in mind each and every aspect which may occur in the future. Prepare a 100% future-proof plan.

To make the best estate plan for your future visit Steve at this address, Steve Bliss 41593 Winchester Rd #200, Temecula, CA 92590, United States. He will help you prepare an estate planning document which covers every aspect in every detail you want. He will provide you a free quote too. All you need is to call him on his office phone number 951-223-7000.