Like diamonds, moissanites are offered in a selection of different cuts. You can locate round, oval, pear, cushion, princess and also radiant cut moissanites. Some moissanites are also cut in antique cuts that were commonly utilized for diamonds centuries ago.

The most prominent cut for moissanites is the round fantastic cut. There are numerous factors for the round brilliant cut’s appeal:. 

Brilliance. Like with a ruby, the round great cut supplies the greatest luster and fire. This implies that the rock will certainly sparkle when it’s subjected to brilliant light, which participates in the rock and bounces off its aspects in different directions.

Shade. The round great cut is the most effective cut for concealing color and making a rock appear almost or entirely anemic. This is a benefit for a moissanite, as it aids to conceal the yellow and also green colors that are typically noticeable in moissanites.

Convenience. The round dazzling cut is exceptionally functional, with a layout that looks excellent in contemporary as well as vintage involvement rings and other jewelry.

Generally, moissanites look the most effective in cuts that hide shade as well as stress the stone’s luster, such as the princess cut (for moissanites, this form is typically described as the “square cut”), along with the oblong cut, radiant cut as well as marquise cut.


On the Mohs range of hardness, a Morganite Engagement Rings measures in at 9.25, while a diamond has a rating of 10– the maximum on the scale.

The Mohs scale is used to determine a gemstone’s hardness, or in other words, its longevity. The scale ranges from 1 as the softest to 10 as the hardest. The Mohs range programs among the most noticeable distinctions between a moissanite as well as a ruby.

As the hardest well-known mineral, rubies are incredibly long lasting and durable. This makes them perfect for day-to-day wear and engagement rings, as they have the ability to resist scratches and other damages that might affect the look of softer stones. 

To obtain perspective on mineral hardness, we display the Mohs range below. As the chart shows, rubies are more challenging than some really durable minerals such as steel and Tungsten carbide.

Now, does this mean that moissanites scrape? Not quite. Although moissanite is reduced on the range than a diamond at 9 to 9.5, moissanites are still resilient. The only minerals that scrape a moissanite are those equal or greater on the scale– particularly, diamonds and also other moissanites.