Interpreting your “Dream Moods”


Once you’ve written down your Dream Moods on paper, it’s time to take it apart.

1. Identify the characters you see in your dreams. Find out who these characters are and what their qualities are for you. Many times, people in your dreams are aspects of you. Your own maternal traits may be represented by your dream mother. This could also signify that certain qualities you see in your mother may be the same as those you see in yourself. To understand the characters in your dreams, refer to Carl Jung’s Archetypes and Dream Mood’s Dream Mood’s Character Dream Themes to help you.

2. Ask yourself why you’re having these Dream Moods in this particular moment. For clues to the reason you might be having this dream, make connections with your daily life.

3. Think about the puns you see in your dreams. Your subconscious mind loves to use humor, metaphors and slang to convey its meaning. If you dream of a plane, it could be that you feel plain. If you Dream Moods indicate that you make dinner reservations, this could be a sign that you are cautious or reserved. You might also be concerned about passing a test if you’re passing someone else on the road. You get the idea.

4. What is your general mood or emotion during a dream? The meaning of the dream depends on how you feel about it.

5. You can re-enact the dream by taking on the roles of different characters or objects. Begin a conversation with the Dream Moods item and let it know how you feel about each other.

6. Highlight any words that you consider to be symbolic. Ask yourself what this word means to you. To help you interpret the word, consult our dream dictionary. Sometimes, a dream’s symbolism can be more easily understood by looking up the meaning. Although no dream dictionary can give you the exact meaning of your dream or stimulate your imagination about it, it will be helpful to get some ideas.

7. You can create your own list with images and symbols that represent your Dream Moods and explain what they mean. You may eventually start to see the same images over and over again. Keep in mind, however, that your meanings of personal symbols may change as you change, grow, and evolve.


The Madonna is a symbol of the mystical mother and giver to life. She is a symbol of purity, blessings and virginal love. This image can also be used to symbolize feminine power and transformation.

It is possible to dream about Madonna the pop singer. This indicates your changing personalities. This dream can also be interpreted as confidence, beauty, talent, and freedom of expression. You may see her in your Dream Moods to give advice or deliver a message. For clues, look to her songs. Are you dreaming that “papa don’t preach”? Are you “like a virgin?” You might even hear her telling you to cherish the love you already have. The “material girl” dream is often associated with being superficial and materialistic.

Dream Moods Man

A man in your dreams is a sign that you are assertive, rationale, aggressive, competitive, and/or rational. These traits may be necessary to improve your character. If you are familiar with the man, the dream might reflect your feelings and concerns about him.

If you dream of being a woman and it is possible to imagine yourself in a man’s arms, this indicates that you are more accepting of your assertive personality. This may be a sign that you desire to be in a relationships or reflect your ideal man.

The old man you see in your dream is either wisdom or forgiveness. An old man could be an archetypal figure that offers guidance for a daily problem.