Get Out and Explore “Fashion Dressing” up Again


Fashion Dressing Many of us have not been in office for over a year. Or even going out. Although we don’t know when the official return to work date is, many are already thinking about what to wear. We are also trying to figure what to wear at the many weddings and parties that are returning to work.

Every person is Fashion Dressing unique, but we know that most people will not give up the comfort they have come to love. People are choosing to embrace colors and styles that make their lives  . While many may be saying goodbye to sweats and leggings, we know soft fabrics made from high-end materials are here to stay. It’s no longer necessary to have a complicated wardrobe. Gowns that are elegant and glamorous are the new norm. Some will choose to wear a more simple lifestyle choices while others like Donna Leah (founder of Donna Leah Designs) will opt for bright colors and shine in mood-boosting shades.

Donna Leah shares her top tips for dressing up when you return to work or play. The designer says that it has been a major influencer in my designs. She is obsessed with Ocean Blues and Pink of the Sand and lots of shine – just like the sun.

Explore More – With more freedom, we can experiment with our personal style and see what our colleagues and extended military families are wearing. You have to be bold again. Dress up like a puzzle. Layer, discover which colors and styles you love, and then make a statement.

Expression your Creativity – Fashion Dressing up allows you to express your creativity, while working at home is all about comfort and ease. This is the moment to merge these elements and create a new category in fashion. Donna Leah predicts women will be more interested in glamour than ever before. The excitement and desire to socialize, which has been so suppressed for so long, will return in full force. Mixing our handbags and a new dress, or a pair of heels, with new loungewear sets will be a popular choice. Donna Leah says, “The possibilities are endless.”

Confidence is Key – Formal events may be held in an informal setting, such as a park. Even though you might not be going to work with many co-workers at the moment, do you still need to wear your best clothes shopping? You might not have worn the same style you loved in the last year and a quarter. Is it still acceptable to wear them? There may not be a precedent in certain situations. However, that doesn’t mean you need to panic. Donna Leah Designs encourages you to wear what makes your feel confident. You can ditch the leggings and sweatpants for more sophisticated loungewear. It is coordinated and ready to go. It looks great paired with heels.

Be bright! Wear clothes that reflect who you are. Bright colors and shine are what you want to wear in your wardrobe. People are realizing that they’ve been hiding behind neutral or dark colors such as gray, navy, or black. It is time to embrace the future and be positive. Designer: “This is your chance to embrace color. Think pink, sapphire and emerald green. And deep purples.” Both evening gowns and denim can be hand embellished.