Finding a Buyer For Your Celebrity Photos


There may come a time when you either willing or unwilling make the choice to part ways with celebrity photos from your collection. Whether these be general celebrity photographs that you have taken yourself, or have purchased over the years. This also goes for autographed celebrity photos that you may have collected.

When it comes to finding a buyer for your celebrity photos, there are many routes you can take in order to make a sell.

First you need to figure out who your target buyer will be. If you have celebrity photos of a single celebrity, you may first want to begin targeting buyers who have a special liking for that specific individual. The best way to do this is to do some basic research on the Internet. Visit fan related websites that promote the celebrity who you own photos of you. You will most likely find forums wherein you can you post information about the celebrity photos you are attempting to sell. You can also state your terms and prices. Fans of this celebrity who stumble upon your ad, and are serious about the celebrity will no doubt contact you if they are interested. This will cut a lot of leg work out of attempting to find a buyer for your celebrity photos. You simply place the ad and wait for the buyers to contact you.

Another proven method is to determine the value and worth of your photos. You can then do a search on the Internet or make phone calls to find out when celebrity memorabilia auctions will be taking place in your area. You can contact these organizations and describe the items you are attempting to put on the market. However, you will need to have your items appraised and if the celebrity photos have an autograph on them, you will want to get them tested for authenticity to make sure that the autograph is legitimate.

As long as your celebrity photos contain a celebrity who is well liked, then the chances of you finding a buyer are excellent. If the celebrity photos you have are of a deceased celebrity, chances are, if the photo is rare and contains an autograph, that you will be able to make a good chunk of money from selling the photo. The more rare and hard to find your celebrity photo is, the more money you will be able to make when you find a buyer.

Be sure to have any certificates of authentication or other official papers that you may have on the celebrity photos available for the buyer to look at. If the buyer does ask to have the authenticity tested on the photos, make sure that you don’t let the buyer walk away with the photos. Agree to the testing at their costs, but never let the photographs leave your sight.

The best method to getting the most money for your celebrity photo is to sell the photo yourself by finding buyers who are interested in the celebrity who appears in your photographs. This way you can state the terms and price of the photo, without having to worry about how much money you might or might not get from placing it in a celebrity auction.