How to check a used car before buying it


Buying a car is more than a responsible task. You should treat it with the utmost seriousness. Of course, hiring an experienced professional or a visit to a certified service station would be the best solution. But what to do if you are planning to diagnose the car on your own?

To start we advise you to search on the Internet in order to find a suitable used vehicle. For example, you can check Kijiji options to buy Audi in Vancouver. After looking through the photos you need to call the phone indicated in the ad and ask the owner about all the ins and outs of the car in detail.

The best option is the one where the seller is the first owner of the car and can show you the service book with all the marks of passed MOTs and repairs of the car.
Before you start a full-blown diagnosis you should understand that the body works are the most expensive, so it is impossible to ignore this check.
The main thing is to make sure that in the engine compartment and in the trunk everything is all right. There should be no traces of putty, colored sites or paint droplets.
Then you are recommended to check the external parts of the body. To do this, the car must be clean. Special attention in the diagnosis should be paid to the gaps between the parts, their color. Check the tin for corrosion (as a rule, it occurs at the bottom of the door, at the drainage holes, at the edges of the wheel arches, sills and other areas).
Paintwork also needs scrutiny. Shagreen of varnish should be the same. You can use a special device to measure the thickness of painting layer. But if you do not have it, you can use a simple magnet. It must be applied to the different points of the body. If there is a thick layer of putty under the paint, the magnet will hold on this area much worse than on theintact surface.
Pay attention to the interior. It must be clean and tidy. You are also recommended to check washers, window wipers, air conditioning or climate control, seat and steering adjusting, windows and so on.
Checking transmission is an important part of the diagnosis.
The engine is the most significant part of the car. First inspect the engine visually. The motor should be clean without any stains of engine oil. The level of technical fluid must also be optimal (between the marks “minimum” and “maximum”). Then start it and listen. It should work without any extraneous noise.
If you decided to buy a used car, first you should have a clear idea of what brand and model you want. If you want to find out what are the most popular models of this manufacturer, you can check Ford used cars online, read reviews and select the one that suits you most.

It is quite possible to diagnose a used car before buying it by yourself, but you should not ignore a complete and professional test at the service station.