Is Nike a lifestyle brand?

Create a Compelling Tagline

An iconic slogan for the past 29 years, Just Do It resonates with just about everyone. It connects with individuals universally, allowing anyone and everyone to come up with their interpretation. It creates a relationship between the brand and its fans. It’s actionable and speaks to you on the individual level. This catchphrase spread from the fitness world to everyday life, becoming a personal mantra for whatever life may throw your way. Well played Nike, well played.

  Empower Your Target Audience, especially the WOMEN

Yes, I know. I’m a dashing young lady who owns 30+ pairs of pumps and stilettos, but I would kick those off to slip on some sneakers anytime. One of the things I adore about Nike is their Women’s Movement. Sure, 99 percent of Nike’s commercials are testosterone filled, but Nike sure does know how to advertise and to women as well–with a lot less testosterone, the same amount of power, and so much more inspiration.

In an interview with FastCompany, Jackie Thomas, U.S. Brand Marketing Director for Women said, “Marketers spend too much time reminding women that they’re women.” As a woman, after watching Nike’s commercial, I feel the need to get up and do something different, something amazing that may have never crossed my mind before. Often, messaging depicts women as weak and fearful. Nike breaks down that wall and reminds everyone that women are powerful, competitive and most importantly, passionate!

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