Keep the Dating Relationship Alive


I think the greatest aspect of our life is to find, sustain, grow and embrace a gratifying outcome of our dating relationship. We have a gift to embrace and express deep emotions of love. A gift that so many of us take it granted. We let it slip away from us and inevitably causing our dating relationship to die away. We need to recapture that feeling and not take it for granted as we continue our journey toward the meaning of true love.

Here are some ways to start and keep your dating relationship alive:

Define who you are and define what you want. Not knowing you and not knowing what you want will never maintain your dating relationship. As we look for love, we tend to get what comes our way. Don’t settle for less. It’s important that you know what you want. Knowing exactly what you want-values, interests, things you can tolerate will start your relationship steady and healthy.

Learn how to control disagreement. Always avoiding conflict will bring any dating relationship to an end. You avoid any conflict to make the relationship work but it will not. Avoiding conflict will build so much resentment that soon; it will explode to a definite break up. Learn to disagree in a fair manner. Understand there are two sides of any disagreement.

Speak with passion. Relationship is built around genuineness. Sometimes we need to voice our opinion with great passion. This will show that you care very much. Your partner will understand and respond with passion. Say what’s on your mind.

Be responsible for your actions. When you make a mistake, don’t blow it off. Don’t make up any excuses. When you do something wrong, simply apologize. When your partner does something special, always express your appreciation. Being responsible both ways will certainly embrace your dating relationship.

Don’t be a loner. Don’t feel like you can do whatever you want in a relationship without talking with your partner. This is one of the greatest mistakes made in a dating relationship. Discuss what you want to do. Maybe your partner might offer a better idea.

Get outside help if needed. If your relationship is in trouble, do not hesitate to get help. Many times friends and significant others can see the problem. Since they are not in your relationship, they tend not to be bias. Listen to them. Most time than not, they will certainly give you some great insight.