Kiss, Lick, Suck, And Bite – The Keys To Success In Your Dating Relationships


Having a hard time succeeding in the dating game? Do you ever wish you understood the key to long-term success? Well we have got some great news for a person like you. You can now have the secrets to achieving and maintaining success in the dating game. Be mindful that these types of secrets are only effective if you employ them consistently without fail. These keys will get you through all your relationship issues and any kind of challenges a person could face. They will ultimately lead you directly to the winner’s box. The solution to winning the dating game is to not quit when things get tough but to stay in the game and gain knowledge from your experiences whether positive or negative. Here we’ve provided some tips to help you do just that.

In each relationship be sure you KISS. This acronym is probably familiar to most of us. It means “Keep It Simple Stupid”. But in light of this discussion I’d like to redefine it as “Keep It Simple Sexy”. But what do I mean by this and how does it apply to the dating game? The first key to winning in the dating game is to avoid complex and overtaxing relationships or associations and situations which can be more trouble than they are worth. Recognize that although you may be able to handle it right now, in the future a complicated relationship can get unbearable and bring about burnout. Many people have entered into complicated situations thinking they can handle it simply to find later that it was just too much for them to maintain. Be intelligent and KISS. It will keep you from wasting emotional and physical energy and time laboring over an un-maintainable dating relationship.

Be prepared to take a LICK every now and then. In any kind of dating relationship you are likely to be called on to occasionally take some tough knocks, some rejections and some disappointments. That’s all part of finding your ultimate soul-mate. Be prepared to take the lick for the sake of the relationship and continue on. Don’t let a tiny misunderstanding or even a minor offense cause you to give up. Take the lick, and keep on ticking. Hang tough, and do everything you can to carry on without concentrating on yourself, the offense, or the momentary distress or pain that was caused. Understand that a worthwhile relationship will definitely be worth fighting for. Get inside the ring and start swinging. Be willing to take one on the chin from time to time. But as the famous boxer Muhammad Ali would always do, shake it off, smile, and just keep dancing.

SUCK it up and don’t let insignificant things bother you. One of the toughest things for folks to do nowadays is to prevent things from getting control over their emotions. They allow little things such as an individual’s bad driving get to them until, before they realize it, they are engaged in an act of road rage. Suck it up cupcake! Don’t allow outside events to disturb your internal balance. As soon as you realize what’s happening you must discount negative experiences and conditions and give attention to the positive. Keep the positive thoughts in the forefront of your thought process and in no way give those negative thoughts a chance to grow roots in the garden of one’s mind. These negative seeds will eventually develop unwanted weeds of depression, anger, rage, violence, etc. When hardship shows up in your dating relationships, you must be able to suck it up and get over it. Don’t allow your mind to dwell in the moment. Let it go, turn it loose, and keep moving forward.

BITE the bullet and be willing to try once again. To achieve success, you must not allow negative past encounters to stop you from seeking future opportunities. Be strong and go at it one more time. Remember to bite the proverbial bullet, put your finger on the trigger and don’t be afraid to pull it! Don’t be gun-shy. Go ahead and let the lead fly! You never know when or where you’ll discover the perfect relationship as long as you keep at it. You know that you will never encounter the perfect relationship if you quit trying. So, as hard as it can be sometimes, you have got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get back in the saddle, and ride. Your encounter with your dream companion or soul-mate may be just around the corner. The relationship of a lifetime might be your very next one. What are you waiting for, GO FOR IT!

Surprised? Well, now that you know the 4 keys to winning in the dating game. What else did you really think I was talking about? OK, just checking.