Make your Vacations memorable on French Riviera


Spend your holidays on beaches in French Riviera. What else a better way to spend your vacations on a luxury yacht? You can enjoy a night stay on the yacht.  The innovative French Riviera team provides you a chance to enjoy the radiance and glory. Enjoy splendor and scenic beauty in the open sea. This is an excellent place for a family entertainment. Enjoy with your family and friends with great splendor and elegance of the yacht. This is the epitome of the glamour and luxury. It is an amazing hotspot if you are searching for a plush holiday. The beautiful Mediterranean coastline is the right source to satisfy your obsession for sea.

Tour and Lunch Menu

You can get these services on the most reasonable rates. The entire tour is economical because the cost of lunch is very low. The guests are served with tender parsley veloute, roasted salmon, crushed new potatoes, stem broccoli served with peas. Enjoy raspberry sorbet with lemon tart, coffee, tea, infusion and chocolate. While booking the tickets they are upgraded with the plenty of options for entertaining their customers in an innovative way, including, fun, comfort items, reading material, music, movies and much more.

Tour Package

The arrival time is 12:30. Dinner is served at 10 PM for the guest in the yacht. The lunch will cost you £29.95 per person that contains wine serving on the arrival. In 2 courses, the seasonal lunch is served. A tour guide is there in the yacht. The cost of tour to Morocco is comparatively low transport, accommodation or food. The accommodations range from hostels to 5 start hotels. You will love this tour due to luxuries in the yacht.


During the tour, it will be your destination of glamour and glitz. It is your spot for a perfect Hollywood Style holiday. From sandy beaches, nightclubs to lavish boutiques, this is highly wonderful place. The nightlife in Morocco has something to offer for everyone from gatherings in plazas, bars, restaurants and theatres for music and dance performances. The nightlife is almost quite Sunday through Wednesday and Saturday nights are the busiest. Arrive before 11PM to get a good table at restaurants and to avoid lines at popular places.

This will be a memorable time for you and your family to spend some days here. This will be a great deal that makes your holidays special for you.