Memorable Things Which Take Us Back To The 90’s

The 1990’s generation is all about creativity and ingenuity, living through changes that occurred over time but recalling memories from your youth can bring back fond but exhilarating times that we certainly experienced – including witnessing transformations in society over time – but this time will remain memorable as well as unforgettable for us all.

Our craziness for floppy disks

Are you recalling the days when we stored our work on large rectangular boxes, instead of today’s hard and pen drives? Certainly technology has come a long way since those days, yet those memories remain exciting nonetheless.

Our madness for cassettes

Remember the days of cassette players? Aren’t we missing that nostalgic experience now that MP3 players are taking over the market? Do you agree?

Childhood was all about the slam books

Do you recall when we would get excited over Slam books? Well, times have certainly changed; back then there were no social platforms; today there is an explosion of new apps being developed and released into the world.

Walkman was another level craze for us

Remember how thrilled we were about Walkmans when they first came out? Despite being heavy, we didn’t care much for their weight; today they’re ubiquitous; yet this timeless time will always remain dear to our hearts.

Nokia phones

Whilst you might remember the Snakes or Bounce game from playing with your Nokia 1100 phone, today the world is filled with innovative phones with new names that rival its popularity.

The board games

Are You Remembering Snakes and Ladders Do You Recall “Snakes and Ladders,” commonly referred to as Carom? Historically, people from the 90’s generation enjoyed spending hours playing this classic board game; today however, smartphones with touchscreen interfaces seem more appropriate.

At first glance, our young generation seems more informed about mobile game availability than board game enjoyment with family or friends. They don’t realize just how rare such experiences were just a decade or two ago!

The sweet cigarettes

Sweet Cigarettes Looking back, it was amazing and exciting when we would buy fake sweet cigarettes to pass off as real ones in front of others. Such fun it was!

Reminiscing over those incredible days from your past may bring back pleasant memories; anyone born during the 1990s is sure to feel pride knowing they belong to this generation.

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