For those who are new to shapewear, here are some tips


Women were often unhappy with the society’s expectations of their bodies in the past. Many women have had to restrict their wardrobe to items that fit their bodies. The ideal hourglass body is a long-held dream. It was thought that you could only fit into better dresses if you did tedious exercises. Wanzhanxing Apparel CO. LTD., a BSCI-certified factory as well as one of the biggest companies in China’s seamless shapewear manufacturer is Wanzhanxing Apparel CO. LTD. We provide a complete service firm that can take charge of all your needs in addition to the item itself. We combine high-end customer service with the best quality We offer top-quality Seamless clothing and everyday underwear, sportswear, as well as sustainable maternity products.

Modern fashion is being reclaimed today by women who have gotten rid of many of the social expectations that were placed on them in the past. Anyone can now have amazing shapes with hosiery that helps them to achieve body-shaping clothes that contour the body and highlight all the right curves.

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision before you go out and buy shapewear.

Learn What Shapewear Can and Doesn’t Do

Shapewear is often thought to aid in weight loss. Shapewear is not a product that helps you lose weight. It’s a type of garment that you wear under your clothes to get the body shape you want. Shapewear is designed to compress flab and lumps more tightly. It is often a slimmer form with defined curves that conforms to an hourglass body.

Find out what each type of shapewear does

There are many options available to achieve your ideal body shape in the world of formwear. Many women’s goal used to be an hourglass figure. Most shapewear targets the bust, waist and thighs. Here are the advantages and differences between different types of shapewear.

Shaping slips

Although they look like shorts these garments usually reach the waist right below the bra line. These slips can be used to contour your hips to the curve of your thighs. They are essential for skirts and dresses.

High-waisted Briefs

They can be worn to replace regular underwear, even if they reach the waist. These shorts can be worn to contour the waist and hips, as well as enhancing the shape of your butt.


Corsets are no longer dangerous to wear. They cover the waist from the lower ribs and some have built-in bras. These can dramatically slim the torso and help achieve an hourglass figure, just like before. They are often worn to reduce the size of clothing. Some corsets can be worn as outerwear, but others are designed to fit comfortably in the body.

Waist Clinchers

Waist clinchers can be used as an alternative or direct replacement to corsets. However, they only slim the waist about half as well as corsetry. They reduce flab around the abdomen and prevent sagging to the lower part of the torso. These are not corsets and can only be worn undergarments.


They are full-body shapeswear. This means they can target all of the important body parts other types of shapewear cannot. They’re basically a mix of all types of shapewear. They cover everything, from the upper thighs to the bust. Some have sleeves that extend to the arms while others have only shoulder straps.

The basic shaping bodysuit reduces waistline and abdomen, enhances curves in the hips and thighs, and adds volume to the butt. For those who prefer to wear a bra, there are options that come with an open-bust. A deep-plunge version is also available with a built in bra to provide minimal support for the bust.

Know your goals

Each type of shapewear targets a specific part of the body. Do you want to lose weight or are you looking for more volume in certain areas of your body? What parts of your body should be addressed? You might already have an hourglass figure and need to smoothen your lines.

If you aren’t sure what you want, it is best to have your curves at the top and bottom be proportional. Are you still unsure? A bodysuit is the best option as it’s versatile and can give you smooth curves.