Tee Off Alongside Culture and Class in Thailand


For any golf enthusiast, the opportunity to enjoy 18 holes amongst beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and unparalleled cuisine is difficult to ignore. In order to experience all of this and more, a holiday to Thailand is your best and most cost effective choice. During the final and beginning months of the year, Thailand experiences pristine, cool weather that is perfect for golfing. Pleasant breezes, consistent warm sunshine, and beautiful landscapes create the perfect environment for a golfing holiday that any individual or family can enjoy. In fact, even the warmer summer months offer ideal conditions for any golf-minded man or woman with the desire to enjoy the beauty of spring and tropical wildlife of Thailand.

The Reasons to Holiday in Thailand are Many

First and foremost, any visitor on holiday has money on their mind, as travelling can be quite expensive. In Thailand, a pound can be stretched much farther than in the UK, and there is always greater value in anything you partake in for the money spent. From the extensive range of restaurant fare, street cuisine, local markets, world-class department stores, luxurious hotels, and sleepless nightlife, Thailand can be enjoyed in every direction with minimum money spent.

The golf courses available across Thailand have been developed by professionals at the top of their field, such as Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, and some courses have even been designed by famed architects. New courses open every year, in order to create the perfect paradise for any individual with the desire to golf in Thailand.

Thailand is a country unparalleled in its natural beauty and rich, deeply-rooted culture, and there are any number of awe-inspiring destinations available in order to play a fantastic game of golf. From the capital city Bangkok, with its busy streets and friendly population, to the mountainous countryside of Chiang Mai, there is no lack of courses available for your visiting pleasure.

The food in Thailand is beyond anything you can imagine within this relatively small country, and can range from local dishes steeped in tradition to high-class cosmopolitan cuisine in five-star establishments. The local street vendors are impossible to ignore, with their delectable and aromatic choices of kabobs and grilled rice. For the golf enthusiast who prefers to stay close to the green, local golfing resorts provide onsite restaurants of extremely high quality.

Do not Miss the Opportunity for Adventure

The year is young yet, and there is plenty of time to go online and book your summer holiday. For any individual or family with a deep love of golf and a streak for adventure, Thailand is an irresistible opportunity. Enjoy 18 holes of high-quality green and brilliant architectural design while simultaneously taking advantage of the unlimited amount of other attractions available to you. Your loved ones will be blown away by the landscapes within view during your game, and who can say no to the chance to meet an elephant up close in the city streets. Thailand is a remarkable place worthy of spending your holidays.