The Best of Mallorca Tour

Are you thinking of visiting Mallorca? Do you want to get the most out of your stay? Well, it’s your lucky day: I’m going to share some top tips about how to book the best activities, boat trips and tours. And all at the best prices!

My Experience with Click

I was recently in Mallorca and I booked some amazing tours, but more about what they actually consisted of in a moment.

First the website that I used to book my tours:

If you are looking for things to do in Mallorca then you have probably already come across this website because they offer absolutely EVERYTHING! Make sure you give yourself time to browse the different options because there are a lot of things Food to do in Mallorca. So take your time and choose wisely.

I booked two coach trips (though there are some amazing boat and catamaran cruises, guided walks, private car tours and adventure activities).

The booking process was a piece of cake and the information I had to fill out was minimal. I received instant email confirmation and then an hour or so later I received a personalised email stating where I had to be for my pick up and at what time. There was even a Google map attached. I didn’t bother printing out my confirmation and on both days there was no problem with just showing it on my phone.

Top Tip

And here’s a top tip for you: when you book more than one activity with you get a discount code for 5% off the second one.

So…Make sure you book the cheapest trip first!

You’re welcome.

What to do in Mallorca

And now on to the fun part: you’re dying to know which tours I did aren’t you? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway!

The Best of Mallorca Tour

I did the “Best of Mallorca Tour”. I’m sure you have heard about this amazing excursion which incorporates a ride on the famous wooden train (which is breathtaking), a coach through the mountains, the old tram through Soller and a beautiful boat ride too.

This was a fantastic day out and I learnt so much and saw so much. The whole trip took place in the gorgeous Tramuntana Mountains and I felt like I was in the most beautiful place on Earth. If you only do one tour in Mallorca, make it this one.

The Caves of Drach

The other tour I did was to the Caves of Drach in Porto Cristo. Porto Cristo is on the other side of the island so I got to see a whole different landscape – Mallorca is just so beautiful! Sorry to keep going on about that.

The Caves of Drach themselves were actually even better than I was expecting. They were HUGE! I wasn’t expecting there to be so much to see. And the lighting and the music in there was just magical. No other word.

So yeah, if you’re in Mallorca, make sure you check out and get yourself some fun things booked up.

Oh, and do let me know how you got on.

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