Yumeko: Jabami


Yumeko Jabami Yumeko (or Yumeko Jabami Yumeko) the main protagonist in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. She is a Hyakkaou Private Academy transfer student and a classmate of Ryota Suezui and Mary Saotome. Yumeko’s family aligns with Kirari Momobami, who challenges her to Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Yumeko Appearance

Yumeko is an attractive girl with a waist-length of black hair, styled in a hee-cut and bright red eyes. She has hourglass proportions and pink glossed lips.

A red jacket is worn with black trim at the collar and cuffs. She also wears a black button-up shirt and a dark pleated skirt. She has black/grey stockings. The academy provides brown shoes with black soles. A ring is placed around her left thumb and she also has simple fingernails.

Yumeko Personality

Yumeko is a charismatic, upbeat character that attracts the attention of everyone around her. She often makes a big scene and is very popular. She is not only able to make friends with people she disliked, but she also attracts the attention of the entire student population. She did this on her first day and continues to do so almost every day. She is usually frightened by her opponents’ eyes turning red when she sees them cheating in games.

Although she is usually very friendly, she avoids acting in this manner when she exposes her classmates’ cheating. Because she can easily discern the strategies and tricks used to tilt the game in their favor, even after just a few rounds of gambling, she is capable of accomplishing this feat. She may openly criticize the other player’s actions, but she prefers honesty to politeness.

She doesn’t give up, despite the disadvantages she experiences when others cheat. She doesn’t seem to feel fear or anxiety when she takes risks. It gives her a sense of excitement. She is a high-risk gambler and will take risks even when she doesn’t have any luck. Although she may lose, she doesn’t care about the outcome. She simply uses any loss or gain as a way to indulge her gambling addiction. She wants her friends to feel the same thrill as she does. Although it may seem irresponsible to push them into dangerous gambles, she really means it.

She is aware of her eccentricities, and her gambling style doesn’t conform to normal behavior. She is happy to be supported or encouraged by people, particularly those she cares about, and values their friendship in their own ways. Yumeko understands the joy and pleasure that gambling provides her. However, she also recognizes that her actions are immoral and depraved. Yumeko has admitted that she doesn’t feel any remorse for those she has lost or ruined through gambling. Yumeko admitted that her guilt for not feeling sorry for the people she has destroyed to support her gambling addiction is what makes her feel guilty.

Yumeko’s intelligence and sense of humor have been demonstrated during her first gambles. Yumeko was able to detect tiny details in modified cards with just a few glances. She could also tell the difference between a six-shot gun loaded and unloaded by feeling the slight weight difference.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Yumeko moves to Hyakkaou Private Academy with her classmate Ryota Suzui. She shows Yumeko around the school. Ryota shows Yumeko around the school, which she seems to be very interested in. Because she is surrounded with her male classmates, she became popular in her class. Mary Saotome challenges her to a match in gambling, which she accepts. After losing one million yen in the first round, she is seen to be losing.

Mary asks her for another round. Mary then agrees to take Mary’s offer. When Mary is asked how much she would be willing to wager, Mary pulls out stacks of yen from her backpack and says Y=10,000,000. Yumeko points out that Mary rigged it in her favor, placing rigged cards on 21 of 30 students to tip the game in Mary’s favor. Yumeko says that she saw these patterns right from the beginning, and shares Mary’s strategy with her.

Yumeko beats Mary

Mary is left with a huge debt of Y=8.8million. Mary tells her that she has already paid the debt as their gambling match was a great success. Yumeko then leaves her classroom, where Ryota calls her. He then asks Yumeko how she learned about Mary’s manipulation of the match. She explains to him how it was all possible. As a thank you, she later gave him money to pay the Mary debt.