Are You Ready For a Dating Relationship?


Are you ready to be in a dating relationship that will require your attention and selflessness? How do you know when you are ready, can you look inside and make a personal assessment? Many may consider themselves ready, but what about the guys that feels that they aren’t ready to get married or have a serious relationship. The question is why do many men feel like this, why is it that they can’t accept the idea of a commitment or a serious relationship. In order to look inside your self for this answer I want to bring up three points:

• Do you have positive self esteem and respect for yourself? If not it will be difficult to sustain a long term dating relationship. Are you aware of your personal values and goals? Can you list what you want in a relationship? How about your own personal weaknesses, do you know these? If you have a problem with direction when entering a relationship, it may be a result of your lack of self confidence. This can cause you to fall for temptations that may end up destroying any potential relationship you may develop.

• Try to identify any problems you may be facing as a result of past dating relationships. Are some of the pains and breakups from your past causing you continued sadness? If you still have some un-dealt with pain, this can keep you from being able to develop a quality dating relationship. Things that can cause prolonged emotional pain include parental divorce, death of a parent or sibling, or a terrible past romantic relationship. If you think there may be things that are holding you back, then its best to deal with these things before you enter into a serious relationship. This can be done by either by talking though them with a friend or by counseling.

• Do you know what you want from a dating relationship? To have a goal without a plan is one thing but to not even have a goal is even more pointless. Without a goal you are sure to go nowhere. Many people don’t have a goal or a strategy on how to get to their future, and then they wonder why they keep meeting improper matches.

When looking to meet someone, you should be calm and able to think rationally. if you meet someone who isn’t a good match then what. Do you abandon your plan and decide not to see that person? Or do you try to be focused and do what you know is right. These are the things that separate the successful people from the “losers” in the dating and relationship world.

Ultimately it’s up to you to discover your own path to a happy dating relationship. These thoughts are here to help you weed out any potential obstacles you may encounter.