Celebrity Dance: Competitions Enlarge in 2014

Among the Nation’s most popular dance events, Celebrity Dance Competitions has declared its plans to expand 2014, including another regional dance contest to its past 13-city roster at the spring and hosting five fresh dance traditions this fall for first time in a variety of locations throughout the nation.

Releasing the places for your first time to Dance Informa, the autumn dance conventions are put to be held : Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Along with hosting regional dance Competitions across the U.S. annually, Celebrity Dance Competitions additionally provide Celebrity Nationals in Sea, one-of-a-kind nationwide contest experiences which are hosted on board amazing cruise ships. Celebrity has declared the 2014 Nationals that depart from vent in Los Angeles is going to be kept on a brand-new, innovative ship.

Celebrity Dance Competitions, that started in 2001, goal to make all participants feel as a celebrity, irrespective of age, positioning or skill. During all events, the Celebrity employees and college work tirelessly to offer a favorable atmosphere. They provide personal service and particular attention and provide all dancers Lone Star Family Health decorations and also an equal opportunity to win prizes and cash prizes.

“We strive to provide the best customer support And pleasant, family atmosphere to our opponents and their fans,” explained Drew Phillip, manager of Celebrity Dance Competitions. “In Celebrityour participants receive the very best star treatment each weekend, together with the very best industry pros teaching and how exactly to offer exceptional guidance. From start to finish, from the enrollment procedure all the way down to the final episode in the contest weekend, we attempt to offer the Celebrity experience. We aim to give perfection therefore dancers are eager to come for their next occasion.”

For spring contests, Celebrity brings in Elite judges. Unlike a number of different competitions that earn only 3 judges each event, Celebrity consistently has four. Judges include: L.A.-based dancer and apparel Tony Elliott; New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts grad and Broadway Dance Center faculty member Sarah Brinson; Shaping Sound Dance Company member Chelsea Thedinga; Edge Performing Arts Center instructor Chelsea Michener; musical theater and Broadway actress Robin Levine; Premiere Dance Center teacher Melissa Farrar; So You Think You Can Dance finalist Daniel Baker; SoleVita Dance Company celebrity, TV dancer and celebrity Kara Hess; and Capezio Athlete Adam Di Loreto.

Philip stated,”In Celebrity, dancers receive Working dance professionals’ insights and opinions to help them perform better today and in the future”

At every regional contest, dancers can acquire Prizes from manufacturers such as Capezio through Celebrity DanceDowns, master courses which double as auditions. Hosted at every contest, participants are taught a regular and then execute it for Celebrity judges, in the process gaining precious auditioning expertise and individual vulnerability. Judges subsequently pick the brightest stars, putting down the dancers to three junior and three senior champions.

Another chance Celebrity offers dancers is Through their newer job Celebrity CREATE, a choreography contest co-produced by Capezio. Dancers, choreographers and studio owners are able to pre-submit dances meeting the essential standards to be selected and then introduce them in a drop convention for the opportunity to win cash prizes.

“The bits that are chosen will dance the Saturday night in the particular seminar in a showcase which also features our college,” explained Philip. “For the day last year fall in Phoenix in our first seminar we had our school present the opening and closing amounts, in addition to solos throughout, along with the selected routines were performed”

The Very Best dance That’s chosen wins the Choreographer $2,500 in cash, and a present allowance for purchasing at Capezio. “This provides choreographers particular time in the spotlight rather than only the dancers, who normally are in the limelight. So that’s actually neat,” Philip explained.

Celebrity Dance

A Celebrity CREATE event will be held in each of The five traditions this coming autumn, one for every Saturday night. Choreographers can use online to be chosen.

Together with these occasions, including the brand new fall Dance conventions, Philip stated Celebrity staff is now able to see dancers numerous times every year. “We expect to watch them in regionals at the spring, nationals at the summertime and conventions in the autumn. We’re so excited that we have managed to plan and supply essentially an whole year value of occasions,” he explained.

He said the greatest thing that is differentiates Celebrity from another dance contests is that while its packed with dance and one of a kind performance opportunities, events will not”leave you tired afterward.” Philip said,”Celebrity is intended to be an enjoyable weekend for everyone. We really try to provide focus and attention to all aspects, whether its being on time so parents could definitely plan their weekend out, or even the DanceDown, or even providing excellent customer support to studio owners. We try to concentrate on all elements of the contest weekend the dancers, the parents and the studio owners”

When representing Celebrity’s first 12 Decades And awaiting 2014, Philip outlined,”We wish to be the contest that everybody would like us to be. If there’s some thing a dancer, parent or studio owner finds that may be made better, we’re constantly open to their ideas because we need them to have fun and revel in!”

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