Medicinal Plants To Grow in House and Eat Every Day


In these times where everything is tainted with a pitch of artificial garnishing to it from our faces, personalities, lives to even the food we eat there’s nothing we can trust right away. And this has become the side reality of what our future is. But it’s satisfying to say that this lockdown and some researches have tilted us both towards organic food habits and Ayurveda and yoga. A healthy and balanced life is always a combination of all three of these things and the binding string of it all is healthy eating and sleeping. Your sleep is in your control if you make voluntary efforts to shift to a better lifestyle. But buying vegetables from the markets puts in jeopardy of their organicity and putting a bet on our health for a matter like can be taxing. Although we have for you some tips on how you can flip the matter in your favour and leave behind the toxic components of what can spoil your diet.

Cling with these suggestions to grow these very important plants in your backyard to improve your everyday diet and you can always buy medicinal plants online to solve the same purpose.

  • Garlic

The one crucial part of our everyday food is garlic and we can all sense the smell and taste of it the moment we take a bite. It is known to improve digestion too and hence an appropriate amount every day is not just recommended but practised advice too. It releases nausea and helps fight flu and cold by helping build strong immunity as well. Approximately 10 cloves of garlic for a family of five is the right amount.

  • Turmeric

Known advanced for it’s Nobel culture of helping build immunity and fighting endless diseases, Haldi has built a reputation in Indian households and especially with mommies. A pinch of it in a glass of milk in the morning or evening and a teaspoon in food is all it takes.

  • Coriander

Coriander is often used to garnish the best of cooked dishes from the top and that’s because it gives a gracious aroma and flavour to the delicious treat and is preferred to be served like this to make it look more tempting. It is also served like this because it is preferred to be eaten raw in either this way or like a curry or chutney.

  • Ginger

Ginger is an everyday thing in households and is added to almost everything we eat. It is common to add it to tea to increase the essence and magnify the taste. It is added to the food while preparing it to give the same flavour and for it to be able to be crushed and release its juices in the food items filling it with all the goodness. The medicinal plant ginger helps in improving digestion and a bit of it every day is a boon.

  • Cardamom

Cardamom is again a part of our everyday food habit and it is why it is known to be grown in backyards due to its everyday use and need. The green cardamom is a blessing for those who like to feel the aroma and the essence before they savour the taste. And it is beneficial to get antioxidants and also control blood pressure.

  • Clove

Clove deals with all possible kinds of issues we can have with our dietary system. It helps with blood pressure, liver, bone health to even enrich our bodies of antioxidants. And they may not be added to our food per se but it is a big part of evening tea and it is often crushed to be garnished on top of dishes.

These essential medicinal plants are an everyday part of Indian diets and there’s no harm in growing them at home or ordering online as per convenience. But it is crucial to consume them every day either way.