How to Take Amazing “Chocolates Photography”?

Select the right background and props to Flatter the Chocolate

  • Your style will determine the props that you use for chocolate photography.
  • You can use a simple background with no props if you are photographing individual chocolate bars or bonbons.
  • You can also add props to your photos of cakes or chocolate cupcakes.
  • Your choice of background will depend on what type of chocolate you are photographing. A white background doesn’t make white chocolate look great.

Bright-coloured backgrounds are great for creating contrast, especially if you’re photographing milk chocolate or dark chocolates photography.

Your client may ask you to include their logo or packaging when you shoot commercial chocolate photography. Be aware of the COUPLE PHOTOGRAPHY reflections shiny packaging can cause.

You can make your Chocolate more Appealing by Preparing it.

Even though chocolate can be delicious, it isn’t always the most beautiful in real life.

Sometimes, it can have what is known as “bloom”. It is a thin layer that appears white due to changes in sugar crystals or fat crystals. Bloom can often appear on chocolates photography if they are kept in the refrigerator and brought to room temperature.

Bloom can be eaten. Its appearance and texture are not appealing. This is not what you want when trying to sell your chocolate to the viewers.

This problem is solved by food stylists who work with chocolate. They apply a heat gun quickly to the chocolate and lightly melt it. You need to allow enough time for the bloom to disappear, but not too much time for it to melt.

  • You can also blow on the chocolate. This may work depending on the consistency of your chocolate.
  • Retouching chocolate blooms is difficult. It is important to address it before you take out your camera.
  • Chocolate should be kept in cool and dry places, not in the refrigerator, to ensure its best texture. Also, avoid direct sunlight.

Take Care to Avoid Fingerprints when Handling Chocolates Photography

Now you have the perfect chocolate specimens. You now need to make sure they stay that way.

When handling chocolate, use gloves. Fingerprints can be a problem for the camera. Also, make sure your gloves don’t leave a mark on the chocolate.

They are soft and comfortable. They might lose a bit of their fuzz. You might consider latex gloves.

Food chocolates photography can be a messy business. You may have to do a lot of tweaking before you find the right composition. The warmth of your hands can help soften the chocolate.

You can always have extra chocolate to play with, and you can then decide your composition. Before pressing the shutter, swap it with the “hero”, the final product.

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