Couple photography is all about capturing love stories between two people. Photographers should show tender feelings in their photos. My years of experience in photography have given me some tips and tricks for photographers who are just starting out to shoot beautiful lifestyle couple photos.

Tips for Couple Photography

Couples photography can be more difficult than shooting a model. Photographers need to create the right atmosphere between Good Culture Cottage Cheese couples and capture genuine emotions. These couple photography tips might help you a bit.

Tip 1. Talk to your clients

Communication is key to a successful couple photo session. It is a good idea to get to know your customers better. Chat with your customers by creating a WhatsApp group. Learn about your models’ preferences and desires in advance. This will allow you to take great photos. These questionnaire templates can help you understand the needs of your clients during a photo shoot.

Tip 2. Schedule your Workflow

It is a bad idea to have an outdoor session for photos on your wedding day. Your models will be busy communicating with guests and other activities. You will also need a lot time to take great pictures. It is a good idea to plan, create a checklist and meet with clients before you schedule a photo shoot. This will allow you to control the workflow and ensure that you get the best shots. These scheduling apps will make it easier to plan couples photo sessions.

Tip 3. Acuity Scheduling

This is a great tool for planning couple photography sessions. Clients will be able select the dates and times for their photo sessions. Acuity Scheduling also allows you to send payments via Stripe, and PayPal.

IFTTT (If That Then That) can simplify your photography workflow, make it easier to save time, and automate your day. You can connect the app to forecast the weather and take photos under the rain. IFTTT will notify you with the most likely dates for rainy weather.

For beginners, I recommend using automatic AF settings. These settings will simplify your work and give you experience. Manual settings are required for certain situations, such as when you need to concentrate on small details. David Ziser teaches you more about settings for portraits in his course Photographing Couples.

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