Startup “Displate” chooses Austin


As its U.S. headquarters

Austin is the new home for Displate, a Polish startup that sells metal posters to customers all over the globe. Displate, which is based in Warsaw and sells posters printed on metal to customers around the world, will open its U.S. headquarters there to expand its global reach.

Displate was founded in 2013 and offers an online platform for artists to upload their designs. Artists can also earn money every time prints are sold. Displate also has partnerships with Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars brands to create licensed designs.

Displate’s products, made from steel, are attached to the wall with magnets. No nails are needed and posters can be easily moved. Displate claims it has more than 100,000 posters available on its website, with themes such as maps, travel, cocktails, and movies. A map of Paris 19×27 inches sells for $89.

Karol Banaszkiewicz, co-founder of the company, stated that Austin was chosen for many reasons.

“Austin is the ideal place to be, especially if you are a European startup. He said that the city is growing and that it has better living standards. “There are many great businesses here, but they still feel very different to Silicon Valley, where the competition for talent is outpacing their reality. Displate is focusing on Austin’s marketplace experience, which is why Austin is so full of talented people.

He said that Austin’s presence in the Central Time Zone played a part.

Banaszkiewicz stated that “one thing that is often overlooked is that the time difference is much more for startups from Europe.” “I can meet with my Polish office at 8 a.m. every day, while it is 3:00 p.m. in Poland. It is important to maintain great communication between offices, which is why Austin was chosen.

Displate secured $2 million in investments last year and announced this week a $3 million infusion by Milton and Credo, Czech venture capital firms.

The company will open offices at Capital Factory, initially hiring a few employees. There are plans to expand later in the year.

Displate Metal Posters Make Your Home Stand Out

Displate was kind enough to send me a cool metal poster recently. They actually sent me a set from a collection I chose. They reached out to me to collaborate on a sponsored post. I didn’t know who they were. This is surprising considering they make the exact product I love to feature here on Joe’s Daily.

What is Displate?

Displate is a magnetic mounted metal print made of steel. It requires no power tools to hang. Displate was founded in 2013 and has since gathered over 11,000 artists from 85 countries to create 217,000+ designs. They have a wide range of designs, including movie posters, comics, inspirational quotes and cartoon posters. You can browse all the Displate collections here to find the right one for you.

The difficult task of choosing posters for my office was given to me. It was difficult to choose a collection because they were all so unique. These patent posters were the ones I chose. Awesome, right?

The Gameboy poster was a great choice for a gamer like me. My wife is a science geek and I bought her the microscope patent poster. Since I am a photographer, the last two patent posters are old school patents for cameras.

1 Displate = 10 Trees Planted

The coolest thing about Displate is the tree planting program. Displate has already planted more than 7.5 million trees in West Africa and East Africa as I write this article. With the help of Trees for the Future, Displate plants 10 trees for every metal poster it sells. It’s a great company to do good in the world, and not just for profit.

You think these posters look great, but wait until you see the full range of Displate products. There are four sizes available from Displate, depending on your wall decor needs: large, medium, large x large and multi-plate. Find out more about the sizes.

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