Construction begins on “UW Health Union Corners” Clinic

Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony will be held at UW Health Union Corners Clinic at 2402 Winnebago St. The clinic will replace UW Health East Towne Clinic and its urgent care services.

It will house a pharmacy, social services, mental-health care, and laboratory for imaging and health and nutrition education. The new clinic will house general internal medicine, pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and obstetrics & gynecology.

UW Health Union Corners has implemented a new Yellow Rain Boots emergency surge program Thursday. This includes evaluating whether primary care appointments could be delayed until spring 2021.

According to health care providers, this plan will ensure that patients receive the best possible care and protect staff and patients. According to a news release, the changes will also helpĀ  to manage the high number of COVID-19-related patients and the arrival of respiratory care season.

UW Health Union Corners stated that this could mean asking patients to reschedule their appointments for a later time or offering them another option such as a virtual appointment.

Patients with respiratory symptoms should contact their primary care provider first, according to health care workers. The nurse will help the patient determine if they require a test for COVID-19, a video visit, or an in-person appointment. UW Health Union Corners explained that if an in-person appointment is required, they will schedule patients at one the six designated respiratory care centers. Patients must call their primary care clinic first.

Madison Clinic UW Health Union Corners: Shooting Victim

MADISON (Wis.) — According to a Madison Police Department spokesperson, a shooting victim who was dropped off at a Madison clinic on Tuesday afternoon, has died from his injuries.

Police say a 29-year old man sustained a life-threatening gunshot to the chest while arriving at UW Health Union Corners clinic around 12:25 p.m.

Yolanda Thetford was in the pharmacy at the time the man was dropped off when the van pulled up.

Thetford stated that the one who came in was “just screaming, like, yea, real scared”.

Police said that the man was taken to Madison Hospital by staff from the clinic who attempted life-saving measures.

“One of them did CPR on someone, so when I returned to the pharmacist, I asked her if she was having a baby. She replied, ‘No. Thetford recalled that someone was injured out there.

According to Tyler Grigg, a spokesperson for the MPD, the man was declared dead at hospital. Two other people were said to have been with the man at the time he was dropped off at clinic, according to police.

Sun Prairie was the scene. Sun Prairie Police Department is currently leading the investigation into the homicide. MPD will also assist.

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