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Okay. You get a store, a boat rental business (10 row boats, three pedalboats, dock and inventory), and your own Craigslist Bend at Three Creeks Lake. You will also enjoy some of the most beautiful (and most remote) views in Central Oregon. Porch with a view of the lake and Tam Rim No big deal…

I am currently in discussions with our publisher to convince him that the Source requires this building as a “writers retreat.” However, if the Source cannot find the funds to purchase this gem, I hope it goes for someone with vision. This gem is a great asset in Central Oregon.



Bend is located in central Oregon. According to the 2010 census, Bend had 122,835 inhabitants, making it the second-most populous state city after Portland.

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Craigslist Bend Oregon

Craigslist Bend in Oregon is the perfect place to find some of the most desirable properties you will ever see. We make it easy to find the perfect home, whether you’re looking for compact condos or luxurious new homes. You’ll love Bend, with all the best local grocery stores and shopping as well as fun attractions within a short distance.

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This page is dedicated the City of Bend in Oregon. Bend, the county seat for Deschutes County in Oregon, is a city located in the U.S state of Oregon. Redmond is the largest city in terms of population. Bend is known as “The World’s Tree City”. It is known for its extraordinary natural beauty.

Oregon Craigslist Bend pets Craigslist Feb 22. Favorite this advertisement Feb 22. Favorite this advertisement Feb 22. Favorite this Ad Feb 22. (

Craigslist can help you find local businesses that meet your needs. The search results are sorted using a combination of factors that will give you a range of options based on your search criteria. These are the same factors you would use to choose a business from a Yellow Pages directory. These factors include proximity to your location, expertise in the services or products that you require. Comprehensive business information that will help you evaluate whether a business is right for you. The featured button buttons on “Preferred” listings indicate that YP advertisers provide direct information about their business. To assist consumers in making better buying decisions. YP advertisers are given a higher ranking in search results’ default order and may be featured in sponsored listings at the top. The search results page can be viewed from the side or bottom.

Craigslist advertisement touts North Bend’s marijuana growing facilities

NORTHBEND (Wash.) — This Craigslistad features a North Bend home, which includes a greenhouse that can be used for marijuana cultivation.

Although the ad doesn’t give an address for this house, it describes it as a great place to start your own business.

Owners wanted $4,000 per month to rent, or $500,000 to begin a short sale.

Multiple times, the listing mentioned a greenhouse located on the property of 6.5 acres. The green house was set up to grow Marijuana, flowers, and vegetables, according to the listing. You can grow more than $125,000 per year with the legal 45 plants.

In the ad, there was also a description of a workshop with multiple offices and rooms that can be used to start plants or woodworking. There was also a kitchen with double ovens.

The advertisement also included 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a storage shed, RV hookups, central heat, and other features.

Craigslist Bend has removed the ad. We verified that the ad claimed to allow 45 plants to be legally grown for medicinal purposes. The King County sheriff’s Office says there is no limit on how many people can grow.

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