Dating Relationships That Last For Purpose Driven Success


Life holds many rewards for the people that live it. One of the biggest and well-accepted rewards is the reward of companionship. While it is a great reward, it is also a great point of conflict, contention and confusion as many have seen. The ideas and expectations on those involved confuse the participants at times. However, individual hearts seek a strong, purpose-driven dating situation that will last and fulfill the need and desire for love and joy. Purpose-driven dating is actually both possible and accessible for those of us who are willing to take the chance, and who want to find a relationship that lasts.

It is important to lay the foundation first, as a way to both find and maintain a lasting mature relationship with a mate. This helps create a dating relationship that is purpose-driven and thereby intentional, as opposed to a relationship that is the passive byproduct of taking it easy just to see how it goes. Sacrifice is the main ingredient of the success of a purpose-driven relationship. When it is understood that sacrifice for the loved one is the element that adds character to the relationship, the relationship takes form and function.

Dating with a purpose actually wins ones dates heart and respect. The value and merit of the mate and the respect that one earns is increased when there’s purpose to the dating. By following basic principals during dating such as sacrifice, you can allow deeper meaning to develop in a relationship. Sacrifice here means to give up your desires and joys and temporary needs to be there for your partner, to take the time to nurture your partner.

Another principal element in the success of a purpose-driven relationship is honor. You must establish honor within the relationship this allows your mate to trust you and further open up to the dating relationship. Giving of honor in the relationships helps those involved to understand that what you have is not a common or normal dating relationship it is dating with a purpose, dating towards a specific end.

Last but not the least, you need to understand pairing of visions, dreams and desires in life. In order to establish an honest purpose-driven dating relationship and trust is connection, the responsibility and credibility connectivity, accountability and credibility, it is necessary that both people bear similar intentions and visions for life. By doing this, you can allow the relationship to take precedence over either of you. The relationship and its survival and success become a common goal towards which you both work.

When you decide on a common goal, it allows both of you to look at the goal with purpose, as opposed to looking at each others individual needs. It allows you both to look towards each other for strength, inspiration, counsel and hindsight. It helps avoid the negative things that pull down your relationship, such as blame, negativity, distrust and grudges.

If you follow a set of standard principles and agree on mutual goals and visions, you will have a safe way of ensuring a lasting, deep and meaningful purpose-driven relationship with each other.