Four Key Secrets For Men For Preserving Dating Relationships


You will find the following dating relationships tips immensely helpful in dealing with any misunderstandings and disagreements that may blight your relationship from time to time. Like all human relationships, dating relationships can never be perfect. No matter how much you are in love, at some point you are going to have some disagreements and misunderstandings. If such hiccups are mishandled, then the relationship will eventually break.

No silence therapy
One of my first dating relationships tips is with regards to the habit of remaining silent that some men adhere to even when they are not happy with the way things are in the relationship. You should never be silent when you should be speaking. Silence is not a solution to dating relationship issues. Instead, over time, silence allows problems to pile up and put a strain on the relationship. People who choose to remain silent when things go wrong and bottle up dissatisfaction within their hearts, when they finally speak, they are at risk of exploding and irreparably damage the relationship. There is nothing manly about being silent when things are not right. You owe it to her and to the future of your relationship to let her know what is wrong. Of course, when you speak be respectful, considerate and gentle. You don’t show that you are a real man by being abrasive to her.

Try not to use empty threatening
Also, as part of my dating relationships tips, I advise you never to threaten to end the relationship unless you really mean it. Using threats to defend yourself or attract attention or get you way can rock the boat. Any threats you make have the effect of making her feel insecure and she may decide to dump you in search of a more solid relationship.

Be thoughtful of her
Right from day 1 of the relationship, your woman will be paying attention to how you treat her. As part of my dating relationships tips, I remind you that all women want to be loved in word and deed. They want a man who is thoughtful of their nature as women. So if you start focusing on yourself and downplaying their need, beware. Rubbishing their views even when they are reasonable, is 1 certain way of ensuring that the relationship does not go far. In relating to her, bear in mind that the days of male chauvinism are over. If you accord her respect as a woman you love, she will respect you as a man she loves and conflict of interest in the relationship will be kept to a minimum.

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