Romantic Compatibility For Men And Women In A Mature Dating Relationship


Both men and women feel the need to be romantically involved with a partner of their choice. The need to date and love is a driving need and forms a very profound area of life and society. The need is not just for casual dating, though that forms a huge part of it. The true need that most men and women feel deep inside is the need for the validation, and the satisfaction of being in a mature dating relationship.

While dating and the formation of a relationship is a cultural value that is much sought after, it could also be termed as one of the greatest areas of weakness, hurt and disappointment for those who have experienced their share of less than fabulous relationships. Whether they realize it or not, both men and woman’s hearts cry for a mature dating to become a part of their life.

Feeling Like-minded

Finding a like-minded person in any area of life is a very fulfilling aspect of life. For example, if you know someone at work whose ideas and values mesh with yours, your working relationship with that person is that much better. However, this same aspect which is good to have in most areas of social networking becomes absolutely crucial in the area of a mature dating relationship.

Its absolutely impossible to find a mutually gratifying mature dating relationship if your values, outlooks, mental make-ups, interests and dreams don’t match. It doesn’t have to be a 100 match, but it is necessary for at least 75 of your values to match for the immediate mutual empathy to occur.

As we go through life and gain our insights, our outlook, understanding and perspective on what life is truly about develops. We understand what matters, whats important and what should be ones personal contribution and possible impact on the world. To be able to evaluate your possible like-mindedness with someone Else’s values, your own self and standards must be clearly defined. It is only when you know yourself that you can evaluate the standards of another. This is the first fundamental maturity signpost that helps evaluate the like-mindedness between you and your potential mate.

Your Mutual Compatibility

Like-mindedness forms the foundation for further empathy and interaction. The tie-breaker comes in the form of romantic compatibility that may or may exist between you and the other person.

Romantic compatibility is not the same as general compatibility. If you are generally compatible in friendship with another person, it is likely that this compatibility can be nurtured in a romantic way. Still, romantic compatibility must be evaluated and validated. One must look at temperament, personality, spirit and beliefs also. These are absolute factors that have the power to either make or break a mature dating relationship.

Romantic compatibility is something that cannot be judged at a surface level. To create a lasting mature dating relationship, one must line up the issues, interests, temperaments and values of two individuals. This makes for a longer lasting and more satisfying mature dating relationship. Romantic compatibility, along with personality matching is great indicators that will allow you to judge the potential for a mature dating relationship.