Denki Kaminari


Denki Kaminari short, gold hair is parted to his right. He has a dark lightning-shaped streak left of his side fringe that partially covers his left eye. His eyes are triangular and slightly slanted. He also has small eyebrows. He is slimmer than the majority of his male classmates and has less visible muscle mass. Denki suffered a scarring on his forehead from the attack of Mr. Compress during the Paranormal Liberation War. His hair does a good job covering it. [1]

He wears the U.A. blazer, and he wears the U.A. uniform to school. He also has dark brown shoes.

He wears a simple white shirt over which he has a matching pair of pants and a matching jacket. A single, square-shaped earphone is placed over his right ear. It resembles a radio antenna.

The updated hero costume features a shorter black jacket and fewer white patterns. There are only two near his collar and hem, and one yellow-rimmed lightning bolt around his shoulders. He still wears the matching black pants but there is a slight zig-zag at their cuffs. He also wears a belt with a white V neck shirt and a belt. He wears a wristband that has a circular mechanism around his right wrist. This allows him to shoot disc-shaped Pointers from his Quirk. He also wears a black choker on his left with a silver buckle and a headset that has a blue tinted visor.

Personality of Denki Kaminari

Denki is friendly, outgoing, and a social boy who loves to meet new people. Although he is very casual in his interactions with others, even Katsuki Bakugo who is not usually friendly, he can also be a bit petty and overreact if he feels upset or shocked. Although Denki can sometimes seem a bit impulsive and blunt, he is always thoughtful.

Mei Hatsume and Denki Kaminari speaking to Denki Kaminari

Denki can be flirtatious with girls in his class and even those from other classes. He sometimes goes along Minoru Mineta’s schemes, trying to appear a smooth-talker while also being flirtatious. However, he isn’t very successful with his approach, and often has his advances rejected or ignored by all those he asks. Denki can also be a jokester, and enjoys making fun of others. Denki seems to be interested in being trendy and fashionable to impress others, but is not well-versed in the proper way to do this. He is easily influenced by the latest trends and fashions, even when it comes to villainous action.

Denki isn’t very bright academically and needs a lot of help studying because of his general disinterest in school and neglecting school duties. Denki doesn’t seem to pay attention, is easily distracted from lectures and has anxiety attacks when he faces tests. This makes him more aggressive and agitated. Denki can often give the impression that he is stupid or foolish. This may lead to others making snide remarks about him (especially Kyoka Jiro), or underestimating his abilities as a hero. Denki is able to show surprising knowledge in certain areas, such as literature, music, and art. He also has a wide vocabulary that he uses every now and again.

Denki Kaminari stands back in battle

Denki Kaminari can quickly become disoriented when placed in stressful situations. He may appear spineless and incompetent both to his enemies and to allies. He can panic easily during combat and accidentally activate his Quirk when he senses danger. This makes him vulnerable. He is more reluctant to use all his power when he has close allies, fearing that he might inflict collateral damage through his volatile bolts. He becomes more confident in his combat abilities when he knows that his allies are safe from his power. He doesn’t tolerate his classmates looking down on him and will defend them if necessary.

Denki’s wattage limit is reached when he exceeds it. His ability to release energy is affected and his personality changes to that of a laughing idiot until he returns to his normal self. He will give thumbs-ups to others in this state.


Denki uses two million volts of electricity to subdue large numbers Security Bots.

Overall Abilities: Denki does not possess direct combat skills, but he makes up for it with his moderate control over the destructive, wide-ranging power of his Quirk. Denki’s ability to use Electrification gives him a defense mechanism that can shock anyone in contact with it, paralyzing them if not completely. Denki Kaminari is a difficult opponent in battle, particularly for those who rely on close-quarters combat. Denki Kaminari emits enough electricity to shock anyone near it. This aspect of Electrification makes Denki extremely effective in battles involving a lot of opponents. However, it can also make him a burden if his bolts are not protected by allies.

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