How to Take Celebrity Photos


Capturing stunning images of your favorite celebrities is not that difficult. What you need is a deft hand and of course a good quality of camera. You may bump into your idols and in that case you should mange to keep your nerves and capture the moment in your camera.

Just imagine, you are showing your friends a hot and happening picture of a touch me not beauty called Pamela Anderson clicked by yourself! You can impress your peers with such photos. And trust me, it’s a beautiful addiction.

You need not be a professional paparazzo for acquiring proficiency in taking celebrity pictures. I will suggest a few important tips to follow while capturing your adorable idols. Follow them and your celebrity picture may flash in a newspaper with a sizzling celebrity gossip. Hunt for something different; something unique:

If you really want to impress others with your celebrity photo, what I suggest is don’t be a part of a crowd running after the celebrities. What special will you get? You will end up clicking something very common; something that almost every camera in the crowd has clicked.

Avoid catching your icons in film premiers or award functions. If you manage to capture your celebrity in a casual pose away from the common din of stardom, that’s your achievement.

Keep Abreast with the Latest Happenings in the Celebrity World:

If you want to get exciting celebrity photos, you must keep abreast with all important happenings in the world of celebrities. Follow celebrity gossips, listen to the celebrity news and find out which celebrities are doing what. Know where they are setting out for, where they are going to stay on their tour, what are going to be their schedules like and so on. The most important tip on how to take celebrity photos is that you have to be at the right place at the right time. That’s it.

Get Something out of the Ordinary:

You must keep in touch with the celebrity news so that you can plan your hunts. Getting something quite out of the box will fetch you gold in case you sell your picture. Imagine yourself capturing your favorite film actress with her new born baby, or your favorite superstar indulged in a fight with the journalists. Such celebrity photos will produce hot celebrity news and fetch you name and fame.

Acquire Photography Skills;

It is unequivocally accepted that it’s not just the quality of your equipment that brings good results for you; but rather it’s the fingers using that equipment that do so. When you set out on your hunt for the stunning pictures of your celebrities, there are chances that you get nervous, can’t manage to take a pick and the moment skips.

Practice is what will make you feel at home. Before you start your hunt, practice at some family functions.

Be Quick; Be Accurate:
Celebrities are always in a rush. And moreover, they are often surrounded by their bodyguards. This is the reason why you have to be very quick while capturing them in your camera and that too with utmost precision. Using high shutter speed in your camera is the option for you. Just set your camera and go nab the photos one after the other. Remember one thing don’t make the celebrities conscious with your presence and also don’t disturb their privacy either.

For best results, use the highest resolution your camera offers.

Sell Photos Immediately:
When you catch a superstar in a camera, you are supposed to bring that picture to the market immediately. Thus you can make pots of money. It’s no use selling your pick after the celebrity news gets cold

Follow these tips and you will make wonders; trust me!

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