Party for No Reason, Celebration of Life!


Celebrate your life NOW; you are attracting more things to celebrate!

Last summer, my sister and her two sons came from Mexico for a visit. They spent three weeks with us, some days they went shopping, other days they stayed at home. We went to Disneyland and other amusement parks. One day we had a party for no reason. Yes, a party just to celebrate being together. We had a piñata for the children, special food and a cake. We played together and had great fun.

When I went to Mexico with my daughter, we had another party for no reason and we had a beautiful time with my family. I think it is an amazing way to celebrate life, because life is a celebration! We don’t need a reason to celebrate, we just need to be alive and be thankful for everything and everybody we have in life. I like to celebrate my life every day! When I’m in the mood to celebrate it is very easy to find a lot of opportunities to celebrate. Remember, whatever you focus on is what you have.

Here are some ideas to celebrate your life:

It’s a beautiful day in your life. Every morning when you open your eyes, be grateful and celebrate your new day!

I’m amazing!Repeat this in front of your mirror five or more times every morning. You are celebrating YOUR life!

Greet yourself and others. Hello, how are you today? I feel great, ready to start a happy day! You are sending high energy to yourself and the universe. Celebrate your power!

A cup of coffee (tea, juice, shake). Did you have your coffee today? Celebrate how you charged your body with new energy.

A big hug/kiss. Every day is an opportunity to hug and/or kiss your husband, wife, children, boyfriend, girlfriend or a close friend. Celebrate that you are surrounded by amazing people.

I did it again! Every time you accomplish something -small or big- congratulate yourself and celebrate your effort. You can do great things!

How can I help you? There is always an opportunity to help others. It gives you the sense of belonging to this world; you are making this world a better place, celebrate your kindness!

Laugh and smile. Laughing is contagious and has healing powers. You are making yourself and other people happy. Celebrate your happiness!

Unplug the automatic! Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to be with yourself: how do you feel, who are you, what do you want…? Celebrate that you are present in your life.

A full plate. Having food on your plate is a king’s privilege, be thankful for it and celebrate your full stomach.

Ah water! Your body is 2/3 of water; thank God you’re drinking a pure and clean glass of water, you are celebrating your humility.

Embrace the moment! The present moment is what you have right now. What can you celebrate right now?

Sing, dance, jump, run, applaud, and be free to celebrate your life in your own way! You don’t need to wait for your birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion. Every day is a SPECIAL day to celebrate. Plan your own party for no reason, invite your family and friends to celebrate with you or you can party on your own. Life is a celebration, what are you celebrating today?

Patricia Anaya is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Creative Director. She is a Transformational Coach and help people to discover the greatness inside them to create a wonderful life.