How to wear a tie clip


Tie clips are a great way to give your outfit some character. No matter what style tie clip you choose, proper placement is key.

What is a Tie Clip?

Tie clips, also known as tie bars or tie clasps, are clothing accessories that attach a tie to the shirt beneath. Tie clips, which are usually made of metal, are a modern form of the tie pin. They were first used in 1920s menswear. Tie pins are still in fashion today, although they are not required to be worn with a formal jacket-shirt and tie ensemble. They can also be worn casually or in formal settings. If you are looking for a professional look for job interviews, a gold or silver tie clip is a good choice. However, if you prefer a bolder style, a larger design will work well.

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Correct Placement of a Tie Clip

Tie clips come in many different shapes and colors but they are all commonly worn in the same spot. Your tie clip should be placed between the third- and fourth buttons on your shirt. It should then go directly over your sternum. The rule of thumb is that your clip should be halfway between the knot in the necktie’s necktie button and the first button on your suit jacket. Make sure the clip is horizontal, and that the tie is straight to ensure symmetry.

The length of the tie clip must be kept within the appropriate width. This is especially important when you wear skinny ties.

How to style tie clips

There are many types of tie clips. Learn how to style them so your ensemble stands out.

Match metals. Match metals.

You can play with color. A colored tie clip can add color to your outfit, especially when paired with a plain button-down shirt.

Coordinate accessories Coordinate accessories with your tie clip’s color or print, such as belts, pocket squares and suspenders.

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Employ unique designs. You don’t need tie clips that are only made of metal and horizontal bars. Try a tie clip with fun shapes such as sunrises, ocean waves, or mussaches.

A tie clip can be worn with a casual look. Tie bars can be worn with cardigans and blazers to create a smart-casual look. To create a fashionable look, you can wear a button-down with skinny jeans and a casual piece of outerwear. You can also use a custom tie clip for a fun, fashion-forward look.

Denim Jacket Outfits: 7 Styles for Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are always in fashion and can be worn over a T-shirt for a casual street style look. A denim jacket can be worn over a T shirt for casual street style, or a blazer-style jacket can be worn with a smart-casual look.

What is a Denim Jacket?

Denim jackets are casual outerwear made from denim fabric. Jean jackets, a classic American clothing item, were popularized in the late 1800s by Levi Strauss. Denim jackets were traditionally made from blue denim. However, there are many styles and colors of denim jackets today.

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Here are 7 ways to style denim jackets

Add your jean jacket and denim to create your own denim look.

  1. You can go for the classic white tee: A denim jacket can be worn over a white T shirt, chinos or khakis or leggings. White sneakers can also be worn with it.
  2. Layer with a hoodie: You can layer a denim jacket with a sweatshirt or hoodie to add warmth and warmth in winter.
  3. Go double denim: A “Canadian tuxedo” is an all-denim look that includes a matching jacket and jeans. This bold look in denim is a statement.
  4. You can play with different colors: You can choose from classic white or black jean jackets, or go bold with a brightly colored jean jacket. Dark washes tend to be more formal, while lighter wash denim jackets look more casual.
  5. It can be worn over a crop top: Wear it with a pair high-waisted, earth-toned pants and a crop top.
  6. Wear it with a dress: For an office-appropriate look, you can pair a denim jacket in blazer style over a dress or midi. To elevate your outfit, add jewelry. A mini-dress can be worn over a jean jacket for a casual look.

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7. Distress your jacket for extra edge: You can also distress your blue jeans by using a razor, cheese grater or scissors to make a distressed look on your jacket.