Five Design Tips to Style Your Daybed

A daybed, whether it’s in your living or guest room, can provide more than functionality. It can also inspire interior design ideas that will enliven spaces and harmonize home decor.

What is a Daybed?

A daybed is a combination of a sofa bed and a bed. A daybed is often found in the guest bedroom of a house, or the living room of an apartment. It comes with a twin-sized mattress that can be used as a sofa by day and as a bed at night. Daybeds are best made with spring mattresses. A memory foam mattress can be too sinking when used as a sofa.

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Daybeds do not have moving parts and the mattresses are placed on slats, or a platform. Daybeds can sometimes come with trundle bed options, which allow for additional sleeping space. They can be used for different purposes in a single unit. The top is for sitting, and the bottom is for sleeping.

Daybed vs. Regular Bed: What’s the Difference? Daybed vs. Regular Bed: What’s The Difference?

Although regular and daybeds can have similar sizes and functions, there are some differences.

Size of the mattress: A regular bed can have twin, full, queen or king size mattresses. It sits on top of a box spring and a frame. A daybed’s mattress is usually a twin size.

Headboard: Daybeds have a headboard that runs the length of the bed. A daybed, on the other hand, has two rails and a headboard.

Usage: Reglar bed are usually found in bedrooms. They provide sleeping space. A daybed can be placed in a guest bedroom, living room or other space to serve as a couch and sleeping area.

Daybeds and regular bed come in different sizes and serve distinct purposes. However, each can inspire decorating ideas for your home.

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What is the purpose of a daybed?

The daybed can serve multiple purposes in small and large spaces.

You can diversify your sitting areas. Daybeds provide seating for one or two people. A daybed can be used in larger homes as an additional seating space, or as a complement to a sectional sofa or reclining chair.

You can create smaller sleeping spaces. A daybed is a great way to save space in your studio apartment. It provides guests with a sofa and you have a mattress to sleep on at night. Trundle beds are a good option for those who live in studio apartments. They allow you to have two distinct surfaces: a couch on the top and a bed with fitted sheets and a mattress covering down below.

Furnish your playroom or home office with a daybed. It can be used as a chaise or a twin bed for children to nap in.

Daybeds are a great way to add decor to a room. This extra seating can be placed in guest rooms, home offices, or hallways that are large enough to accommodate them. The daybed can be used in this situation as part of your home decor with throw pillows and blankets.

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How to Style a Daybed

These DIY ideas will inspire you to style your daybed.

Consider the color scheme of your room. Consider adding a daybed to a room. Then, take a look at the existing color scheme. You can match the existing colors or add a new accent.

Look around to find the right material. For daybeds that look like sofas, you can choose from metal or wood frames. Your frame’s material can reflect the energy in a room. A tan or blonde frame might evoke the beach while a sleek, metal frame may be more modern and match a minimalist design.

Throw pillows and blankets can be added. These useful accessories allow you to further personalize your daybed. Leather pillows have a Western look, while a handwoven blanket is more boho-chic. Bright, colorful throw pillows are appropriate for children’s bedrooms.

Room placement is important. You can make your daybed the focal point of your space or it could play a supporting role. A larger couch should be the main focal point of your room. In this case, the daybed can act as a window seat to the side. To make your daybed stand out, make other furniture pieces smaller.

You can stack your daybed with other pieces. Your daybed can be placed in a hallway as a single piece. However, if you place it in a living room or family room, which is a space for socializing and hosting, it may be a good idea to place it next to a coffee table. Friends and family can place drinks or plates nearby.

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