Top 5 Amazing Foods To Improve Sperm Count

Foods To Improve Sperm Count

In most of the infertility cases where the couple couldn’t conceive, usually the spotlight falls on the female partner and of her ability. But it has proven by various scientific researches that in almost half of the cases men infertility is responsible for this problem. Excessive smoking, alcohol, unhealthy food habits, lack of proper work out, too much of stress etc. often leads to infertility in men.

But you can overcome this problem naturally without undergoing any medication procedure. Apart from proper diet and regular exercising there are some foods which are endowed with the aphrodisiacs properties by the Mother Nature which can cure the problem and increase the sperm count. Are you interested to know what are they? Just scroll and find the effective natural ways to improve the men fertility without having any negative effects.

Foods To Improve Sperm Count

Goji Berries

Goji Berries

These red berries preserve the essential antioxidants which are tremendously effective in increasing the sperm counts. They help to increase the blood circulation level and also fight against the harmful oxidative. Apart from this it keeps the temperature of the male genital part at favorable level which is very much important as extreme heat can reduce the sperm counts, along with this it provides adequate energy and a good mood which leads to a healthy sex life.



Garlic has enormous health benefits, for which it has been used to treat many health issues including men fertility from the centuries.

It is enriched with the ingredient called allicin which helps to clean the arteries along with that increases the blood flow in male reproductive organ and provides stronger sperms. Apart from this garlic possess selenium and Vitamin B6 which generates hormones.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Have you ever imagined that chocolates can cure fertility problems? Amazing but true! Dark chocolates can do wonders to the fertility problem.

Dark chocolates preserve L-Arginine HCL which incredibly increases the sperm counts and the semen volume as well. Apart from that it also helps to provide you a satisfying orgasm. But make sure not to eat too much chocolate as it can increase the body weight and you may again face the problem of having low sperm count.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits as grapes or oranges are very much effective to improve the sperm counts. As this fruits are enriched with necessary anti-oxidants and vitamin c which work well to increase the sperm counts. You may intake the juice extracted from these fruits or even can squeeze a fresh lemon into one glass of water and drink it increase sperm counts.



Walnuts have innumerable health benefits among which improving the sperm counts deserves mentioning. These crunchy and crispy fruits preserve useful omega-3 fatty acids which increase the blood flow to the men’s reproductive organ and helps in sexual activities along with stronger sperms.

On the other hand, as it possess the double antioxidants comparing to any other nuts, since its very much useful for the body. Researches proved that atleast seven walnuts a day helps to lower down the cholesterol level to a greater extent and thus minimizes heart diseases.

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