What to wear when working from home

Working from home is one of many ways that the pandemic has changed our lives. What do you wear when your workplace and home are virtually the same? Let’s talk about what to wear when you work from home.

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Do I need to dress up for work at home?

You can dress up for work from home, the short answer being yes. You don’t have to worry about what you wear to work from home. Your bed is only steps away so it’s possible to stay in your pajamas throughout the day. While this works well for many, and we love it, there are other factors that could change your mind about wearing your pajamas all day.

1. An employer might suggest a specific dress code

We are often in virtual meetings, even though we might not be at work. Employers may suggest that you wear business casual or business attire similar to what you are used to in the workplace. Although it is your decision to decide what to wear when working remotely, you may find this advice helpful.

2. Routine is essential

Our morning routines mentally prepare us for the day, regardless of whether we are aware of it. Although the clothes we wear to work from home won’t change our outlook, dressing up every day can help us keep our head above water, maintain our normality, improve our mood, and ultimately, increase our productivity.

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3. Limits

The pandemic has seen a spike in desk sales. To be able to differentiate work areas from relaxation areas, people want dedicated spaces. This is also true for style. The decision of what to wear to work from home establishes a clear line between personal and professional life.

4. Time-saver

Emails and video calls are a common tool in virtual workplaces. We mean that they can fuel our work lives. They can be overwhelming, last-minute, and can lead to unpredictable schedules. It can be easier to jump from video calls and emails without having to spend extra time getting ready in the morning, which will save you time and effort for more important tasks like preparing lunch.

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What can I wear to work in casual and cozy styles?

While there are many reasons to dress up for work, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice comfort. It’s equally valid to keep it casual and comfortable while working from home. It’s an individual choice. Here are some reasons why you should wear leisurewear when working from home.

1. Because we can

Who wouldn’t love to be able to work comfortably all day? Look for the silver lining in every situation and take it. This casual style of working from home can improve your productivity.

2. Ultimate time-saver

We said dressing up can save time, but dressing down could also help you save time at the start of the day. You can save time by keeping it casual and cozy, or for more sleep.

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3. Stress-reliever

Comfortable measures are essential in stressful times. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we have had a lot of stress in recent months. A simple act such as wearing our favorite hoodie can greatly improve our relaxation. Sometimes, grace can be found in keeping things casual and comfortable while keeping your work priorities at the forefront.

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