Fashion for women in the 90s


Get a throwback look that will spice up your life

Are we alone in feeling a bit nostalgic about the 90s? We’re looking back at the past, from the return of wide-leg pants and the rise of platform shoes. Are you feeling a bit “Clueless” when it comes to navigating through the 20th Century? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to find our top tips for creating a 90s-inspired wardrobe. Let’s first break down 90s women’s fashion into four most popular styles.

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Four of our Favorite 90s Beauty Products for Women

You’ve probably noticed that everyone has their own ideas about what the 90s look like. This is because the decade was basically the Spice Girls era. There was something for everyone. These same principles apply to the revival in women’s 90s fashion. Do you love Nirvana or Missy Elliot’s tracksuits, or are you just a casual Nirvana fan? There’s a 90s style with your name right here.

Women’s 90s Grunge Fashion

Grunge music style is impossible to discuss without mentioning its muse. Grunge music was born in the Pacific Northwest, where it was first embraced by artists like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. It’s clear that Kurt Cobain was the one who set the scene for the ultimate 90s aesthetic. His “MTV Unplugged” performance is a highlight for those who are interested in the brooding 90s grunge fashion. You can recreate his iconic look with a textured cardigan and a band tee. You get bonus points for thrifting your look in order to echo the grunge movement. It’s always a good idea to wear dark colors or muted clothes and oversized clothing when you are embracing grunge fashion. This Northwest style may suit you if you are looking for a more gender-neutral approach in your wardrobe. To get into the 90s, grab a burgundy plaid flannel or a sized up trucker jacket from our men’s section.

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Preppy Fashion for Women in the 90s

It’s time for women to get out of Seattle’s grunge scene, and embrace the sunshine of 90s preppy fashion. This trend will allow you to live the life you always wanted, dressing up like Cher Horowitz. This is not just for Halloween. Are you ready for the 411? The 90s preppy style loves plaid skirts, sweater vests, and collared tops. You can throwback the look with cropped sweaters and hemlines in short, candy-colored hues such as Hubba Bubba pink, Tang orange, and gel pen green. Any shade would look great on “Saved By The Bell”

Women’s 90s Normcore Fashion

The roots of the normcore fashion trend we now know are in women’s 90s fashion. Instead of taking inspiration from iconic style moments, normcore is based on the casual, everyday look that defines the decade. Imagine what you would see on “Seinfeld” instead of at the “MTV VMAs.” How is it possible to be unique? This trend can be embraced by wearing a classic staple from the 90s, the mom jean. The mom jean is high-waisted and shapeless, but still so stylish. These high-cotton denim might need to be refreshed from time to time. It is best to wash them lightly and then shrink them down with each wash. To complete the look, add a solid-colored sweatshirt to the mix and chunky sneakers. Whoomp! It is there.

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Fashion for women in hip-hop 90s

Ladies, get your bucket hats ready. The 90s style of women wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a salute for hip-hop, the most popular aesthetic. Although hip-hop music was first created in the 70s and lasted until the mid- to late 90s, it was still a part of the golden age. This was also a great time to be fashionable. This aesthetic, unlike normcore, is all about bold silhouettes, colors, patterns, and textures. Bejewelled details became a popular trend by the end decade. Animal prints were all the rage. Street style was influenced by female hip-hop artists such as Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and TLC.

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For Every Season, 90s Inspired Outfits

Now that you are an expert in the most popular trends of the decade, it’s time for us to discuss seasons. What’s worse than not being allowed to wear your 90s favorite outfits throughout the year? These are some tips to help you wear 90s style for women, regardless of the season. A Tamagotchi keychain is all you need to complete this look.