Five Best Gel Nail Kits to Make the Ultimate DIY Manicure

Gel manicures are considered a special treat by many. Going to the salon to get beautiful, chip-proof nails that lasts for weeks is the ultimate in pampering. Regular salon visits can be time-consuming and costly. You don’t need to visit a salon to get perfect gel nails.

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Gel manicures are different from traditional manicures. Instead of waiting for nail polish to dry completely, the gel lacquer is hardened using a UV or LED lamp. Gel manicures last longer than regular polishes. They were once a luxury that could only be obtained in salons. However, they can now be achieved at home.

Pro 45 Starter Kit

Red Carpet Manicure’s gel manicure kit is highly praised for its professional look. This kit is fast and easy to use, and the polish stays on nails. A reviewer said that the detailed instructions were very helpful, and the products in the kit were easy to use and of good quality. I’ve had two manicures and they have lasted me for two weeks. The kit includes foil wraps and remover to complete the professional effect.

Kit includes: LED light, nail primer and top coat, cuticle oil pre-and post application cleanser, gel polish remover one gel nail color, foil removal wraps, foil remover wraps nail wipes, nail pushers, cuticle stick buffing strip, nail file

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Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

A gel kit is also available from Sally Hansen, the beloved nail polish brand. The gel manicure is completed in three easy steps. One reviewer comments that the LED light was very convenient, even though it was smaller than I expected. It’s perfect in size.

Kit contains: Cleanser pads, base coat, one gel nail polish color, top coat, LED light, gel polish remover, cuticle stick, buffer, alcohol cleaning pad

Poly Nail Extension Gel Nail Enhancement Kit

This Makartt at-home gel nail kit is perfect for beginners as well as experienced nail professionals. It includes everything you need to make long, luxurious nail extensions, regardless of your nail shape. You can keep it simple and neutral, or create some fun nail art. To get the most out of the kit, reviewers recommend using a real color (not clear) for the first time. The best thing about this manicure is that it can last for a month or longer.

Kit includes: Base coat, topcoat, six gel nail polishes and a dual-ended spatula. 60 forms for extensions are also included.

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Kit Builder Gel Nail

The Morovan set is a great choice for weak nails, cracks, fractures, or other problems. It gives you salon-quality strength at home. The hard gel, which is available in three neutral colors, provides a strong barrier against any kind of nail damage. Gel novices will find it easy to use. One reviewer said, “I was a beginner and this product is easy to use and apply to my natural nails.” It strengthened my nails without leaving them looking brittle.

Kit contains: Base coat, top coat, three gel nail polish colors, nail file, nail forms, gel nail brush

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Mini Soak Off Professional Gel Nail Polish Starting Kit

This mini kit includes five different gel nail polish colors. This kit comes with an LED light instead of a UV lamp. It cures nails faster and doesn’t cause UV damage. However, the polishes can still be applied under UV lights. The LED light is not powerful enough to dry the thumbs properly, according to some reviews.

Kit includes: Base coat, topcoat, LED light, five gel nail colors, manicure, cuticle oil and nail surface cleaner.

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