How To Nurture Your Dating Relationship Part 1


All forms of relationships need to be cultivated to keep them growing. Dating relationship is in as much need of nurturing as the ultimate male and female relationship of marriage.

Continuous appreciation, consideration, reciprocity and thoughtfulness all help in showing each partner that he/she is cherished and valued and gives them a feeling that they have a place in your life.
It must be stated though that these does not include sexual favors. In fact, premarital sex would harm the relationship badly.

Here are some of the ways you can nurture your dating relationship:

• Mutual respect – Mutual respect is one of the elements of the foundation for joyful relationships. Everyone enjoys being respected, having their opinion count and being treated appropriately. Dating partners should by decision see that they respect and honor one another. This quality would be required more in later years in marriage. So it is a good thing to learn and imbibe.

• Learn to say no – Learn to say no? This appears to be an antithesis to the topic. Be assured that it is not. It is, indeed, one of the best supporters of the nurturing process. There is a tendency in people to take undue advantage of other people’s weaknesses. If a relationship is grown on this premise, there would be no joy in it. A partner would end up learning wickedness. If you are able to say no to what you don’t want, it would help you be an more a authentic person and help your partner know how to treat you with respect and honor.

• Take time to groom yourself – Making yourself attractive, physically and mentally, is a good booster of the dating and related relationships. Remember the saying – the eye would eat first before the mouth. This implies that what your dating partner see of you each time you meet would help in growing interest. This should warn young single adults who wear saggy trousers and blouses and pants meant for toys. Your hair, makeup, clothing should denote someone who is appearing for consideration. Wear a good perfume and deodorant. See that your hear is oiled and scented. Looking your best is best during dating outings and meetings.

• Encourage each other’s development – Be interested in and learn of what your dating partner is interested in, his or her life’s pursuits that are righteous, academic and social development plans and activities, etc. Find ways to help to promote these things with your time and talent. This effort would ensure that you are together on meaningful and supportive activities most of the time. Do not invest money.

• Be trustworthy – Trust is one of the elements of the foundation for joyful relationships. The dating season in a relationship is the time to begin the process of building trust. You have to earn the trust of your partner by your conduct and behaviour. Be honest in your communications. Let your words and actions inspire trust and confidence in your person.

• Be independent – One of the ways respect and honor is lost in a relationship is if the partners cannot be independent. Independence is one of the elements of the foundation for joyful relationships. There are two angles to this. One, the two people involved need to be able to take care of themselves and not depend on any of the partners to provide you with any of economic care. Two, dating partners should be able to take decisions of the direction of the relationship without having to wait for parents, uncles and aunties to decide what would happen. This is especially important for those dating for marriage. This power would nourish the relationship to a growing one. Most of the times, ladies become dependent on their dating partners to provide them with economic sustenance. There is no excuse under which this is appropriate. In fact, wherever it applies, the people are not dating, the lady is prostituting. It happens in the case of men going out with older women. You cannot prevent premarital sex in this kind of situation as a feeling to pay back for the favors would be preeminent.